frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

What is Hydra Deck?

Hydra Deck is non-skid marine closed cell EVA foam with a 3m pressure sensitive adhesive backing that is fully customizable. For the fisherman, it provides ultimate comfort and sound dampening effects.

How is Hydra Deck applied?

Hydra Deck is applied like a peel and stick that bonds to the surface with a 3m adhesive.

How do you clean Hydra Deck?

Hydra Deck cleans best with soap, water and a soft- medium bristle brush. For difficult stains you can use Simple Green. Do not use acid-based cleaners such as Hull Cleaner.

Will Hydra Deck Stain?

Hydra Deck is stain resistant, although there are some substances such as fuel stabilizers, bird droppings, rust, and mustard that could be problematic if not cleaned in a timely manner.

How long does Hydra Deck last?

The life expectancy of Hydra Deck is 3-5 years.

If the boat is kept covered & well maintained, life expectancy could be longer.

What is the Hydra Deck warranty?

Hydra Deck products are warranted to be free from any defects at the time of purchase/ installation. The Hydra Deck material has a 3 year workmanship warranty. The PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) cannot be warranted due to differences in outside issues & maintenance.

Download full warranty details here.

Can I do any customizations to the Hydra Deck?

Yes, we can do any custom patterns, logos, or artwork if supplied with a digital graphic. Written approval will be needed for any copyrighted logos.

What size do the Hydra Deck sheets come in?

Hydra Deck comes in 4ft x 8ft sheets.